Bela Abel is an imaginative writer with a unique perspective on life. His characters go through the tedium and violence intermixed with magical reality and supernatural elements. 

The Taste of Persimmons

Guilty as charged! The foreman reads the verdict. Life sentence. They save your "life", alas they took life from you. You are finished... but lift up your head and strengthen your drooping hands and weak knees. You are still alive!
Nobody can give you a better account than a talented witness. So, here it is - The first of four books of the stories by Bela Abel, written right where the action takes place, that is - in prison. Follow Abel's lead and you will laugh from the pungent satire of Leaning Tower (the tears will come later). You will long for wasted life in the magical reality of Fourth Waltz. You may taste despair in the Taste of Persimmons and you will laugh out loud with Zippo and Sticks. It is all there - love and hate, joy and sorrow, hope and agony in The Chronicles of Bayboro Correctional Facility I. If you were looking for a unique and independent take on life, and life not just in a prison, but life as it is at large, do not look any further - You've found it!  Read it now

The Burden of Gratitude

Foreman barks "Guilty!" Handcuffs click. Iron doors slam. Prison. "There is no cruelest torture committed against a human soul than a torture by time and confinement." says Bela Abel, the author of this book of stories. He knows, he wrote these short stories from his prison bunk.
In this none like any other collection of stories you will have it all. You will follow Abel's characters through the tedium and violence of American prison in The Burden of Gratitude. You will meet with an angel in Full Moon. And you will follow step by step a sophisticated heist in The Price of Freedom, which won't go as planned. If you were looking for great stories and unique style - you need not look any further, Abel has them both. Take a unique journey into life laced with strife and magic, told by an unorthodox witness. Enjoy!

The Indian Gift

War, riot, prison. All calamities of the world seem like they serve one purpose – to put our souls to the test. This is especially true about prison with its long years of monotony where savage characters abound. Would you make it through?
Nobody can write better about trying times than one who lived through them. This book of short stories is just that kind of book. Bela will take you on a perilous journey. You will be chased by a half-blind, predatory fate in The Blur. You will meet a soul possessed by a relentless demon in Quincunx and you will pan into the vast netherworld in The Indian Gift. Fantasy? Magic? Yes. But Bela insists that all that he writes is based on true events; the magic is just a part of life. If you were looking for new powerful prose – you need not look any further. It is here, in The Chronicles of Bayboro Correctional Facility III, the third book out of a series of four. Just go Ahead and Read it.