This dialogue had never happened in this world, it came up in a dream. The #dream passed, but the word remained. F A R D O. That’s fardo which is pronounced like “fardough”. Have you ever heard it?

In PART ONE had been listed the elements of the Universal Projection: an object of projection, light source, its beam, and screen -stock, lock and barrel, and everything run by the Projectionist Almighty. What are the earthy counterparts to these elements? We already know who the Projectionist is. We know that screen is our reality. But what is the beam? And what is the rest?

Let's start with the beam. In a way, I've already answered this question in PART I–it is what people call Holy Spirit–a field which carries a projection of God into our realm. It directed - from the source to the object of manifestation, and hence it is a beam.