Perhaps, we had enough eschatology discussion, let's talk about something else, like, say, the relativity of truth. Lately this Subject was quite regularly on my mind. What is it coming from? I think, I can tell, but first I would like to take a bit longer look at it.

While I was writing my little entries on physics of ghosts, some peculiar ghost decided to visit me.  Yet, I am still in doubt: was it really a hairy eidolon or just my imagination?

The first time it come up to my view was about six months ago.  I had no idea how it had gotten there – under the glass, right across the face of the dial was a light bristle, like those which grow on my wrists.  I admit, I have a plenty of those bristles outside the watch, but this one got inside.  How this could happen?  I had no idea.  The only thing that I could guess was that it was already there, when I had acquired this second hand timepiece.  I just didn’t notice its presence for about a year and a half

I thought that I will finish my Book 4 and will be done with Bayboro Chronicles.  Now I have five books.  I thought I’ll grow large leathery wings and fly away.  But my shoulder blades remain smooth like a baby face.  So I keep walking.  I thought that I am finishing my discussion of #physics of #ghosts.  I hope I do, I ought to change the subject to something new.

Our unorthodox discussion of physics of ghosts was finished with something that I call Catoptric Paradox (see PHYSICS OF GHOSTS 101: PART SIX and two preceding posts).  So, is it all just a projection? 

So, in the last post (see PHYSICS OF GHOSTS 101: PART SIX B: WHAT IS IT, AFTER ALL?  CATOPTRIC PARADOX  -  I.) I gave you my explanation to what I call Catoptric Paradox. 

It is a well-established fact that sometimes a ghost can appear in a mirror, while it cannot be observed directly.  Essentially, the observer has to look into a mirror with his back to the room and see ghost in a room, while direct look into the room reveals nothing in it.  From the standpoint of simple optics this effect appears utterly impossible: all light in the room, all objects ought to be reflected in the mirror and hence they ought to be seen just as well as directly.

A week or so ago I finished writing story Melor and Makakey, His Marxist Monkey. The story was originally intended for the fifth book, but the publisher had shuffled it down to the Chronicles of Bayboro Correctional Facility IV. So I took a break, and used it for reading something that I had a long time in mind to read: Lars Kepler, all three thrillers of theirs. And I didn’t make a mistake when I said theirs: Lars Kepler is a literary pseudonym of a couple: Alexandra and Alexander Abndorilj. If I like an author I tend to read everything written by him (or her) in a row, and I found that Lars Kepler is the one (or two). But this is not the story I am about to tell, the story is:

I've developed a quite scientifically-looking theory on the subject of spontaneous human combustion (SHC), which I’ve put into the pretty head of Dr. Sabina Spitzyn, a scientist in residence from a strange house on Proudhon 38. One of my three novels in waiting for better times, and Proudhon 38 fits 100% into the fantasy genre. So, according to Dr. Spitzyn, spontaneous human combustion is ... not a combustion at all. This is just a misnomer.


A long, long time ago, in a life that now feels just like another life, I had a very good friend. We talked a lot. Late seventies and people were talked a lot about everything, and one of their quite popular subjects was how soon we will defeat all diseases by finding some miraculous, universal remedy. It never happened, but I bet the sales of snake oil reached new highs. This was when my friend said that the best remedy for everything, as he sees it, is this: If you are feeling ill, place a rubber band on top of your head and keep it there. And you will feel fine!

I have already written about Mandela Effect.  I have more to say about this crazy universal phenomenon. I remember how I was introduced to it. A friend of mine asked me: “Do you remember what Bible says about the new wine?”
"Sure,” I said, “nobody pours new wine into old wineskins, because they will burst, but new wineskins must be used for new wine.”
“And you know what this means?”
“I do,” I said, “this was Jesus metaphor for the new teaching, which he brought to us as an upgrade of Old Testament.”

I think my last entry is asking for an extra comment.
Dreams. I am talking about dreams that are not a subconscious reflection of the thoughts and feelings of a past day, but dreams that open to us the other side. Telepathic dreams (see PETRUSHKAI), prophetic dreams, dreams as a universal meeting place for everyone and everything. Dreams which act as Heaven's venue where we can see again our long gone friends, relatives and loved ones, and more. 

One can go through the whole life without even a hint on a presence of anything like ghosts, angels, demons and flying imps. And yet, the door to the netherworld will be always open, so everyone can take a peek. I am talking about dreams. In dreams you see the shadows of daily reality, which, in its turn, as Socrates had pointed out, is nothing but a shadow of an actual reality. Sometimes things which can't be seen in penumbra, can be seen in the deeper shadow, in the umbra. And almost everybody has dreams.