When you hear about Mandela effect for the first time it sounds like some Byzantine prank. How is that possible? The good old Biblical wineskins in my Book had changed to stupid bottles? Changed in the very same old copy of my Bible? When? How? Impossible! Bullshit!! So you go for the familiar passage about new wine. You go Luke 5:37. It’s bottles. You go  Matthew 9:17. Bottles. Same is with Mark 2:22. Bottles. No wineskins, bottles. What is it? Am I going insane? Is it the end? Dude on the YouTube blames CERN and shift in our universe caused by their experiments. I don’t know, there is too many politics around supercolliders, like that one in Texas. They cost too much, instead, we could have much more tanks and bombs. And much bigger prisons.
Mandela Effect. If you haven’t done it yet, look it up for yourself. The more you think about it, the more facts you find, the harder it will be to say that this is just a nonsense. No, Mandela effect makes much more sense as a true thing than a prank, and this is the scariest part of it. Here is what I think about it.

If you are familiar with Heisenberg uncertainty principle, you will understand me easily enough. If not, no worry, here we go. Mandela effect is a relative of cognitive echo, although it carries a real threat. The world population is now something like 7.2 billion people. And information associated, consumed and produced by this population is astronomical, it had never been like this in the course of human history. As a matter of fact, it continues to grow along a nearly vertical curve. So if there is a  Universal Cloud - not the one where you keep your dog’s pics, but one which holds it up for us somewhere in Heaven, in Walhalla, in Shangri-La, wherever it may be, - this Cloud (or Matrix) can no longer keep up with it. The informative pile is too big, the Cloud is up to its capacity. So, when one looks at the fringes of this info pile, one sees a slight blur. Words change, events like death and funeral take place twice, things pop up in places where they had never been seen before and memories become fuzzy. The reality, or, say, its consistency, can no longer be contained on a small Scale, in its quanta of meaning. It becomes uncertain, it fluctuates. That’s Mandela. Solutions? Those are not up to us. It can be either expansion of the Universal Cloud or reduction of the list of customers. I hope it won’t come to the latter, but, God, I don’t want to wake up one day as a roach!
Bela Abel


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