The rhythmic pounding off in the distance sharpened and intensified as well– became a work beat for some army of troll-like underground laborers, performing some endless, brutally monotonous task, wrote Dr. Eben Alexander in  Proof of Heaven, a book about his near death experience. [1] I can't tell that for sure, but I think this was a music from Hell, and I’ve heard it too.

No, I didn’t have a near death experience per se, I had an out-of-body one, which can be induced in a sound state of mind and without the help of any substance, but by a purely physical exercise. The result will be the same – like being dead. By the way, I gave some touch on this technique and how the transfer happens in White Dance. But, well, this piece is not about my technique, I want to say something about these sounds. I’ve heard them when I flew in a darkness and they sound like jew’s-harp, assuming that the harp is the size of an oil derrick. And, I bet the troll must be pretty big too. The sounds come at variable intervals, but if they are rhythmic, then this is the rhythm of a netherworld. Or a rhythm of a death rattle. It is a sequence of sounds, indeed, but, God, they are frightening!

I’ve mentioned the jew’s-harp for a reason. Remember, what Lord had said about a man who is not let into the Kingdom? “Take him away, and cast him into outer darkness, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”[2] The gnashing of teeth. What if He talked about these sounds? Jew’s-harp sound and the way of playing it can be metaphorically called that way. Of course, our jew’s-harps are benign instruments, good tools for a liturgy and even occasional symphony, like one used in the score of Doc Hollywood the movie. [3]

Speaking of gnashing of teeth, I understand, it is only my conjecture, but I have another reason to support it. As you know, Heaven and Hell are anti related like 
, Levity vs. Gravity, Joy vs. Grief, etc. And those, who are lucky to pass through the Pearly Gates, play harps.[4] What those who got through the Horn Gates have to play on?

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Bela Abel
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