It happens in the morning when you are almost awake. You lie on your back trying to catch the last crumbs of a dream left from the night when you suddenly realize that you can’t move. You are motionless, you are helpless, and worst of all, you are totally aware of reality and you know that here it comes again, the moment when all you would want to do is to run, but you can’t, and the heavy, sentient darkness descends on you...
Some years back I used to have such experiences almost every other week, they were regular like a paycheck. Thanks to God, they are not that frequent anymore. Well, it still happens, but only once or twice a year, and I keep my fingers crossed. I don’t know how it happens to the others, but with me, it started as soon as I did my out-of-body flights. After that it felt as someone decided to get me, so every time this paralysis was happening, I was ending up pulled out of my physical shell. There must have been some other beings involved in those attacks. What kind of a being? That I don’t know. It could be a dybbuk, a soul of a dead person trying to take over a body, or what’s not is lurking in the netherworld. I had described some of those out-of-body experiences in The Indian Gift and White Dance. The characters used out-of-body flying for escape, but, I can tell you, it is not fun, so don’t try it at home. And with that I’ll refer you to soulsupply.com, they have made a great documentary on the subject, called Your Worst Nightmare.

I finally learned to fight my dybbuks and I was surprised to find that folks at Soul Supply (academics and laymen alike) advice you to do the same things, which I did. Those are: don’t lie on your back, ask angels for help (I’ve never done, but I know it will work) and (and this is the strongest): pray. Here is the prayer which had saved me and many others:

Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner!

You have to repeat it in a closed cycle, like a mantra, until the adversity is over, and it will be over. If you don’t know, this is so-called Jesus Prayer. I’ve witnessed it saving a man, who was locked in a county jail. He just heard the news that his 3-year-old daughter had died. Nobody could help him, nobody could console him, the man was rolling on the floor from grief and when his homies - asked me if I have any meds, I gave him this prayer because this was the only 'med' that I had. And it worked better than any drug: the man calmed down and took hold of his grief.

So, I guess, the bottom line is ‘don’t fly, stay safe and if you do, be armed.

Bela Abel


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