Here is another proof that we live in a digital simulacrum akin one shown in Matrix movies. Yes, like it or not, but our so-called reality is not as much a reality as the reality of those colored blocks falling down the Tetris well. Or, as Plato had said, it is nothing but shadows on the wall of a cave. The discovery of Torah codes is the greatest discovery since, actually, I think, ever. To live on a sphere and think of it as a disc, well, it's bad, but not too bad. To see the sun going around the Earth and think that you are in the center of it all, well, bad, but not that bad. What else? E=mc^2.
 That's a good one, but can anyone tell me what energy really is? And what is mass? Is it a measure of inertia or gravitation? And according to that formula E and m are the same thing (because the speed of light is a constant). No, if Torah code is true and I see why not, it is bigger than MagellanCopernicusNewton, and Einstein together. Do you see why?
It does not just uncover some unknown law of the Universe, it tells what this Universe really is.
Check out the website of Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, it will open your eyes.
Think what it means: every man lived and yet to be born, every worthwhile past and future event is in the book. Already there. What does it mean? It means the end of the old paradigm.
So, we live in a digital ant farm, but is there any hope? Yes, there is a higher level of reality, the Eden, where time constraint is non-existent and space must have higher dimensionality, but we’ve been kicked out of there in the event which we have a good reason to call the Fall.

Bela Abel


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