In my last posting (#6 Torah Code) I’ve evoked Einstein’s famous formula E = mc^2 of equivalency of mass (m) and energy (E). Imagine what happens when matter hits antimatter (say, proton hits antiproton) and all their mass turns into a burst of gamma radiation. The matter disappears in a flash of high-energy light, and energy of this burst is precisely mc where m is two times mass of proton and mc^2 where m is two times mass of proton and c is speed of light. This event is called Annihilation. The question is: what about an opposite effect, when energy turns into some tangible matter, a matter with mass? We shall call it Creation. Right? But do you know any examples?
Let's try. For example, how about the nuclear fusion which happens on the sun or in an explosion of athermonuclear bomb? No, this doesn't count, because it produces, Helium out of Hydrogen atoms not from light. How about then high-energy collisions? Generation of new particles in high-energy collisions iş also not the case, since there is other mass involved in the first place, the mass of colliding particles. We are looking for production of matter from pure energy, from pure light, or say, mass-free radiation. Any ideas? I don’t know what modern physics can offer here. Now let’s turn away from physics and look to metaphysics. How about psychic energy? How about ectoplasm, a luminous matter exuding out of various bodily orifices of brave mediums? Like those frowning faces coming out of Eva C’s ears or hands proffered out of Mrs. Margery Crandon’s vagina [1]? It looks like a pure materialization, and ectoplasm emits light to boot.

Of course, energy needed for creation must be equal to energy released at annihilation. If we will apply the same formula E = mc^2, the energy needed for creation would be enormous. Let’s assume that the weight of this ectoplasmic hand is 10 grams (it looks heavier on the photo) then the energy consumed to produce this scrawny hand would be about 10^15 Joules. It is energy of a two thousand ton meteorite hitting earth at 20 km/s! Can’t be right? I guess, either ectoplasm is a sick prank or the substance for ectoplasm is taken from medium’s body or something is amiss in our picture of theUniverse. And why not the latter? There must be a lot of unaccounted energy hanging out there. So let’s just enjoy the products of Creation (besides the ectoplasm) while they are still around!

References [1] Janet Bord, The 100 Greatest Photographs of the Paranormal from The Fortean Picture Library, from the publishers of Paranormal.

Bela Abel


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