I already wrote about Cognitive Echo, but I think it is worth it to revisit the subject. This event had happened just two days ago: H. came to me and asked if I have any photos of hummingbirds. He needed it for a painting which he was commissioned to do and he wanted to see a photo for the right colors. I’ve looked through the high-resolution cache I have, but the nearest bird I could find was bird of paradise. He took it as a sub, but it was not what he needed and we both knew it.
Next day was Saturday, H. and I were standing by the dorm, waiting for the church call. And I looked at Mexican petunias, which we have a plenty around and just thought that it would be nice ... I didn't finish my thought: there was a hummingbird. In flesh. It was flying among blue bells of petunia like a big bumble bee. I pointed it to H. He said, “no, it is abumble bee.” And then he saw it too. Greenish sides, gray breast, a blur of wings and a whole rainbow in the fanned down tail. The bird was sticking its long, needle-like, slightly curved beak into each flower, one after another. I haven’t seen ahummingbird in this place for years! And even when I’ve seen them, it was no longer than a moment. Now it was a real spectacle. It collected nectar and being gone, I’ve called it back (in my mind) to return, and it did! It reappeared four more times. Then it was gone. I went to the backyard, where we a have a large flowerbed full of petunias. I hoped to see it there. And it was there. The story repeated next day.

What can I add to this? Such manifestation could be mere a coincidence, but coincidence is an illusion, there is no such thing in this World.

There is a well-known class of quantum experiments of single particle two-slit diffraction. It was done first with electrons (because electron is technically easier to isolate) and then the same scheme of experiments was repeated with photons. It appeared that each individual particle chooses left or right slit to go not in random, but in accordance with the expectation of an observer. I daresay that I’ve just seen a slightly modified phenomenon of a similar nature.

Bela Abel
This masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci emerged before my mind’s eye and then just ran me into a corner (figuratively speaking). So I was sitting in the corner of the dorm and cudgeling my head trying to recall the name of the painting. It wasn’t the “young lady” part I was after, but that little beast on her lap. What was the name of it?
I’ve lost a word.  And this was so embarrassing – I’ve lost a pretty common word, not an opisthoproct or cosidoron (those are coming wherever I need them).  It was a good word, a name of that pretty common shrub with purple or white clusters of flowers.  You know what I am talking about? 
Cognitive Echo is one of the original and most interesting phenomena which we have discussed.  We discussed it through various physical manifestations which occur quite regularly in our lives, but cognitive echo can happen sometimes in quite subtle ways...


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