I guess many have heard about Cupertino effect, an early freak of auto-correction software, which suggested Cupertino instead of Cooperation. Sounds funny and innocent, like a childish prank, but wait a bit.Recently I’ve got a hardcopy of Malachi Martin 1995 novel Windswept House, which is actually something more than just a novel. The book is about Vatican’s inner power struggle and more, for it touches the Secret part of Fatima prophecy.
 Or, actually discloses the prophesy almost verbatim. And if this is just a novel, then why the book ends with the several pages of index of characters and actual -Vatican prototypes which these characters portray? I think that Martin used his artistic license for a reason, and it was a smart move to make it a novel. I do often just the same, although not in such global scale. Anyway, this is a very important book, which pretty much explains the dangerous state of the world some twenty years later (yes, it is that much important!). But, that’s not I what I wanted to talk about.

The copy that I’ve read was “custom-made”. Someone obviously scanned the original and ran it through some Cupertino-brand software. So, I am reading this Vatican novel, and I see over and over again: Holy Bather? It had more Holy Bathers than Holy Fathers, and about the same amount of Holy Lathers. Then came Order of Sacred Kite (obvious hint on the pie in the sky metaphor), and people of Cod (guess that one). The least blasphemous misprint was City of Slome (that’s where Vatican is). And when I thought that this is enough, I’ve run into Holy Pee. No matter how Martin was critical of Vatican, I don’t think that this is coming from him. Of course, the book remained the same, but I can feel the demon jeering from inside the scanner (or wherever its abode is).

In today’s world our software tends to serve as an extension of our consciousness and even of our conscience, then, I am afraid more than ever we need an exorcism.

Bela Abel


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