Imho, one of the most relevant to our current affairs books of the Scriptures is the Second Book of Ezdras (a.k.a. Ezra). Ezra was a scribe and a leader of Jewish reconstruction of Jerusalem. While the reconstruction began by decree of Cyrus, King of Persia, even 80 years later, about 458 BC when Ezra moved to Jerusalem, city was not rebuilt yet. Out of all that Ezra had written, we know three books of his name, The Book of Nehemiah and Chronicles. In Book II Ezra had transcribed his dialogues with archangel Uriel which makes it the most connected book to Revelation of St. John and to Book of Daniel. Again, that's my opinion, and I, by no means am a theologian.
Ezra asks Uriel how long he'll have to wait for the End of Days and so he gets a reply:

"Are not these very questions which are asked by the righteous in the storehouse of souls. "How long must we stay here? When will the harvest begin, the time when we get our reward?" And the archangel Jeremiel gave them this answer. "As soon as the number of those like yourselves is complete. For the Lord has weighed the World in a balance, he has measured and numbered the ages, he will move nothing until the appointed number is achieved." 2 Ezdras 4:35

Have you read this? I don't know, you may find this passage troublesome, or sad, or whatever, I think it is hilarious. In times BCHades served as a depository for all souls, good and bad, the Paradise was not open yet – it will be opened almost 500 years later. It sounds like some democratic assembly of angry constituents, addressed by imposing and reasoning administrator. But can there really be democracy in Hades? Imagine this:

“Silence Order!” commands the archangel. “Today we need 120 volunteers for reincarnation; the babies are just about to be made! Who’s in? Lift your harps.”

And the crowd explodes:

“Down with reincarnations! Go reincarnate yourself. Where is our reward?!!!”

Future Leon Lederman from Ouincunx stands next to future me:

“Look at that shit! Who needs that tsuris? It’s 450 BC up there for Peter's sake: sea turtles have better life expectancy than us! I ain’t going there!”

No, there can’t be democracy in Hades. After all, it is just a big prison or, at best, work rlease camp for souls and 2 Ezdras 4:35 is mere an exchange between inmates and their warden. Don’t look for democracy in prison, it was and it is slavery.

Bela Abel


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