I guess I Ought to expound a bit on my previous post about St. John of the Cross verses. I once sat at the service, it was actually a very good service and I suddenly caught this notion, which came from outside, from the ether, from theHoly Spirit, I presume, who was present clearly in the room on that day:
The Society has no moral right for judgment of men.

This thought just slapped me in my mind. I didn’t think it, as I said, it just came, like a Subtle Voice, and I began to wonder. I think that those are the Words of truth. The Society has no moral right for the judgment of men. It exercises such judgment anyway, because it can and has an apparatus for it. But one must be very naive or mean to believe that such judgment is just.

Wake up. What kind of free world is it after all, where aging men, men with halitosis and chronic hemorrhoids, men of vice and graft, being to judges, politicians or bosses of all kind decide your fate and how you or your children should live or die? It is not a free World, it is not even an illusion of a free world. And democracy? Perhaps democracy is the best form of society when other options are political dictatorship, monarchy or anarchy. But democracy tends to become merely a cloak for oligarchy, isn’t it? And even if it is not, if we’ll look at the best examples of popular rule, like, say, republics of Ancient Greece and Medieval Eastern Europe, it still looks rotten. Athenians, for example, executed Socrates for an abstract crime of “impiety”. Spartans practiced infanticide. Free men of Zaporozhye massacred Jewish population of their independent Christian republic. And all these democracies had practiced slavery, but this, we all know, was a common practice, of course. And so on. There is no justice and only God, and God alone, reflected in men through an alignment with His will is justice. And real justice brings freedom.

Ubi Spiritus Domini ibi libertas.

Bela Abel.



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