We live in a very interesting time. Yes, I mean it. And I would like to expound on this subject, before some of you have taken these words for merely a trite remark.
Let's take a look at ourselves. We are all different, of course, but there is one particularly interesting division among us. Some of us are atheists, stalwart and aloof to any calls of reason. Some of us are believers by tradition, by upbringing, or by a habit. Some came to God over doubts and searching. 
Some didn't come there yet, or perhaps got stuck in deism, or believe at least in something supernatural like a universal mind, or sentience of nature, or perhaps Old Hag flying through the night in a bony stoop. Morrison had yelled this before me, but it never hurt to yell it again:

Wake up!

The best minds of the past had devised elegant proofs of the existence of God. Take, for example, the contingency proof of St. Thomas Aquinas, which in a concentrated format can be stated as that: "Every separate element of this world from a snowflake to a galaxy has a limited lifetime, it comes to being, exists and then vanishes. Therefore there must be an eternal entity which holds this world together.” Or, we can take C.S. Lewis’ brilliant notion that “In the whole history of the universe the Laws of Nature have never produced a single event.” [1] All events are initiated by acts of will, and who exercises that will aside from men and other sentient beings?

So, those who are repelled by dogma of church and its claim for an absolute truth, can at least consider something like the examples presented above, and, perhaps, change their hearts.

Yet, there is another group of people, not mere believers, but those who experienced divine manifestation directly and hence simply know that God exists. I am one of them. What am I talking about? Some had encountered Holy Mother who appeared to them during the most trying time of their life. Some being acting stupid and played with dark magic until one day they were accosted by a demon in a most unexpected and sinister manner. Yet others were visited by a soul of a long gone friend. And, aside from Holy Mother or angels, who are direct agents of Divine manifestation, it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots: if demons exist then there must be the other side. And now I am coming to the main point I want to make here:

You can join this group right away

Just look at Locusta St. Iohannis, Which I had discussed in length of two previous entries (WE CALL IT CHENEOUE and ONE OR TWO FROM APOLLYONIDAE) and read The Revelation of St. John, Chapter 9, where the thing is described as it is. And then, if you yet cannot believe with your heart, then believe with your eyes.

1. C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock, Essays On Theology and Ethics, ed. By Walter Hooper, in The Collected Works of C.S. Lewis. Three Bestselling Works Complete in One Volume, International Press, 351.
Bela Abel

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