Let's take another break, to mark the end of the second octave. I ought to tell you something: I have no idea where am I going with all this. I am not smarter than you, my reader, and I am, just like you, looking at the same shadow on the back of the cave, which is called “image of this world”. As you probably know, this idea was conveyed to us by Plato (in The Republic) and, as pretty much everything else with Plato, it comes from Socrates.

That Socrates, everyone was either pissed at him, or appalled by the injustice of his sentence! Only the man himself was having fun. “Would you feel better if I’ve deserved it?” he asked one of his Students lamenting his death sentence. That’s a good way of looking at life, I meant to Say, at death. Besides, Socrates was looking forward to his death as a way of getting the answers to all those questions he was seeking and couldn’t find in this life. “What makes you think that it is better here than there?” he kept asking his students, when they visited the condemned philosopher in prison.
And, speaking of the heroes of V Century I can’t missEzra, a different kind of a hero, a leader of restoration of Jerusalem and a great teacher. He fasted for weeks on dew and flowers in the field of Ardat, arguing first with Archangel Uriel and later with God Almighty himself. For our sake, asking him to give us some slack, some hope, some chance for salvation, because we all are sinners.
I see the vast treasure field in front of me, a field full of gems of other men’s wisdom, and, unlike the cold bling, these gems are free for the taking. It’s a beautiful view, and the hardest part is to decide which way to go. Oh, well, I think I know where to go next. How about little winged demons?

Bela Abel



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