Some of you, especially those who love The Doors, might remember Jim Morrison yelling to the crowd about astrology [1]:
“I think it’s a bunch of bullshit, myself. But I tell you this never mind if this is a quote, man! I tell you this. I don't know what’s gonna happen, man, but I wanna have my kicks before the old shithouse goes up in flamesAlright Alright!!!”
Morrison didn’t know, but I think, I know when it will happen. I've run into the answer while I was going through theSecond Book of Ezdras. The book talks a lot about how it will go, but it also says when

Actually I tought to give Jim Morrison a credit. His poetry and music had affected my writing quite profoundly. Thus, The Taste of Persimmons was inspired by The End. No Surprise, though: I grew up under the cover of American Prayer, it was on vinyl, then. And yet, decades later I was so sucked into this materialistic world of lies, that I did something that I have been kicking myself up and down for until now. I saw American Prayer, not the record, but the actual little book, saddle stitched, pocket size - the unique print made during his life. It was tossed in a pile of other odd books in a flea market type store. They wanted five bucks for it. The seller either didn't know what it was or didn't care. And... I didn’t take it.

Now, the more I think about it, the more I believe that this was a gift for me from above, I just didn't recognize it in the fuss. I must have been dead then; I was a zombie with a fat paycheck. It won’t happen today, but where is my book now? I hope someone else got it.

His key message, I think, is in The Feast of Friends, listen to it just once, it comes under Albinoni’s Adagio, and hear the American prophet. Actually, I just caught myself, I have said before that Morrison was a modern days prophet, I think I did it in The Magic Cookie, yep, I am almost positive. Just listen to this [2]:

And one more thing:

Thank you, O Lord, for the white blind light,

Thank you, O Lord, for the white blind light,

A city rises from the sea,

I have a splitting headache

From which a future is made.

But, I think I’ve sidetracked, so here we go (all of us). In the Second Book God summons Ezra to the field of Ardat where among many other things he told him: “The world has lost its youth, and time is growing old. For the whole of time is in twelve divisions; nine divisions and half the tenth have already passed, and only two and a half still remain. Set your house in order, therefore; give warnings to your nation, and comfort to those in need of it; and take your leave of mortal life.”[3]

This passage is good enough to discern the exact year. I’ve arrived to the same date in two other ways, but this one is the simplest. And I’ll help you out: the Jewish count of time from the Creation is 3,760 years and 3 months Before Christ.

1 The Doors, The American Prayer, The Roadhouse Blues, in the end of the track.

 (2)The Doors, The American Prayer, The Ghost Song, again, in the end of the track.

(3) 2 EZdras 14:10-13.

Bela Abel.



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