A long, long time ago, in a life that now feels just like another life, I had a very good friend. We talked a lot. Late seventies and people were talked a lot about everything, and one of their quite popular subjects was how soon we will defeat all diseases by finding some miraculous, universal remedy. It never happened, but I bet the sales of snake oil reached new highs. This was when my friend said that the best remedy for everything, as he sees it, is this: If you are feeling ill, place a rubber band on top of your head and keep it there. And you will feel fine!

He had been sarcastic, of course, but I listened.

Thirty years fast forward I went to Wichita, like Jack White in White Stripes Seven Nation Army, and, don't know what it was: a plane, a food, or a spell, but I felt pretty ill. And then it happened. I wouldn't believe if somebody would tell me, but it happened to me. And it happened literally right before my eyes.

I was standing in front of hotel mirror, and my face started swelling and drooping down, like an air balloon does when one fills it with water. In a matter of less than 30 seconds it was no longer my face! I was looking like Taz from Looney Tunes I came out of the room and people who were traveling with me started laughing. Yet, I couldn't join them -- I was terrified from a thought that from now on I will go like that, with a mushroom face where the lower lip hangs below the chin. Fortunately for me, it lasted only for a minute or two and then this thing had disappeared just as fast as it came, in a minute or so.

I am not a medical doctor and I don't know, maybe cases like this are known to medicine. But, if it will be up to me, I'll say it felt as I went through this metamorphosis because somewhere the matrix which projects my physical shape got a temporal glitch. Maybe this is a key to shape shifting? Again, I hope that there is a perfect medical explanation, but the whole event came and went in fifteen minutes, it was spontaneous, and it felt as weird as if I’d suddenly caught a fire (like a “fire” in spontaneous human combustion). Yes, it was spontaneous and it was ugly as hell. I only wish that I haven't forgotten to take with me my travel rubber band.

Bela Abel.

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