Eschatology is like a chronic infectious disease - once you’ve got into it, it never goes away. I just finished #20 THE TURN AND THE CROSS, and I thought that this would be quite enough, but then my sight had caught these lines:
“And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.” Rev. 9:11.

And I’ve recalled something, one woe, old and new. And, by the way, I am using this word “Woe” not just because of its meaning of "calamity”, but also from these words: “Woe unto thee, O Jerusalem, unclean that you are!” (Jer. 13:27), which ought to be said with a wailing intonation, but anyway, I've sidetracked, sorry.
The time was mid-eighties and this was when I’ve heard about an outbreak of some unthinkable disease in Africa, which in matter of hours turns human innards into a liquefied bloody mush.
“It is highly contagious, and think”, said my friend, who told me about the disease, “what will happen if this thing will go airborne. It will be the end.” This was the first time when I’ve heard this word, Ebola.
Now, it happened again. And well, you may say: it is not really now, two years had already passed after the outbreak. But for those who went through the terror, I guess, it is still now, it is still with them and it will be. I remember the disturbing news that each infected person passes the disease onto someone else in two weeks. This information was given in a de facto news bite, but I freaked out when I heard it. The disease was spreading in a classic geometric progression and I had a good reason to freak out, because when something multiplies like that: 1 > 2 > 4 >8 > 16 and so on every two weeks, in a little more than a year everyone is infected. That’s a pretty fast transfer from someone to everyone, isn’t it? Another way to look at the math of pandemics is to recall the legend about the inventor of chess, telling the Shah who was immensely pleased with the game and offered whatever reward: “put one grain of wheat on the first Square, put two grains on the second, put four in the third...” And 64" square takes all grains of wheat in the world. Same thing was here, with Ebola. And this is when I thought about that name, Ebola.

I knew that Ebola is the name of a river in Congo where the disease was documented for the first time. But it was not that what I was looking for: there was something in this word. Ebola. Ebola. Ebola?
First I’ve thought "Ebola - Enola” (Enola like in Enola Gay), that’s a strange coincidence in Words which represent the paths for our fast global demise: both names are for the carriers, because, in underdeveloped areas diseases tend to be spread along rivers, you know. While for the rest of the world it is done by planes. And, I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in coincidences.
Yet, I thought a bit longer, and it became even more interesting. See Revelation 9:11, quoted above. Discard the ominous numbers 9:11 and look at the essence. Do you see it? Yes? No?
Well, if you would ask a native of Congo to say Apollyon, what would you hear instead? If you have a friend from Africa, who didn't have a chance yet to polish his Greek or, perhaps, even English, you can try it. Ask him or her. How he (or she) will pronounce this word? If you don’t have anyone to ask, you still can imagine someone who used to speak on a simple language reach with open vowels and shy of diphthongs. Yeah, that's what I am trying to say, you won't hear Apollyon, you will hear: Ebola.

Bela Abel.

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