I think my last entry is asking for an extra comment.
Dreams. I am talking about dreams that are not a subconscious reflection of the thoughts and feelings of a past day, but dreams that open to us the other side. Telepathic dreams (see PETRUSHKAI), prophetic dreams, dreams as a universal meeting place for everyone and everything. Dreams which act as Heaven's venue where we can see again our long gone friends, relatives and loved ones, and more. 
The majority of miraculous encounters of the Scriptures took place in dreams (see footnote). One can even meet himself in a dream (usually from the past). I’ve met some of my characters in dreams, like Spencer and Chemistry, my two good men from The Burden of Gratitude. I've met Achaz Ammah, the mighty Succubus, who chased me in a fever dream. Later I transcribed this encounter into Down the Sea Sallow, while the working title of this story was Prison Fever.

So many things can happen in the Land of Nod, but what does it all really mean?

I am not Freud or Jung, so this is just my humble opinion. Most of our dreams are mere reflections of life and being direct or metaphoric, they all can be explained through the images and feelings of the preceding days. But those are not the dreams I am talking about. There is a small minority of dreams, and under these dreams our so-called objective reality can’t hold water. There are leaks in the system, and PETRUSHKA I is an example of such a leak, a small trickle, actually, but it had seeped out of a powerful river of Reality, which sooner or later will break through the levee of materialistic consciousness.

And here is my worst dream ever, which I’ve seen about six months ago:

I am looking into the window, which is next to my bed, and right behind and above a distant line of trees, I see yet another line. It is the line of mushroom clouds. They must be hundreds of miles away, somewhere along the Atlantic coast. They are greyish white and must be forty miles high. The clouds are probably still growing, but the distance is too big to see their growth. They form a continuous white line along the horizon, like in a view of a distant mountain range, except for these are not mountains. This dream was vividly realistic like a day which I lived after it, praying. God Save us all

Note: FYI here is a line-up of some Biblical characters who were addressed in their dreams by God or His angels: King Abimelech (Gen. 20:3), Jacob (Gen. 28:12), Joseph (Gen. 37:5), Laban (Gen. 31:24), King Saul (1 Sam. 28:15), King Solomon (1 Kings 3:5), King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:01), Daniel (Dan. 7:01), St. Joseph (Mat. 27:19), Three Kings of Nativity (Mat. 2:12), Pilate's wife (Mat. 27:19). Most of them got His message, except for King Saul, who is complaining in 1 Sam. 28:15 that he is no longer sees God in his dreams.

Bela Abel

Prophesies: Supernatural: World of Illusion; Dreams: End of Time.



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