I finished to read Lars Kepler, all three thrillers of theirs. And I didn’t make a mistake when I said theirs: Lars Kepler is a literary pseudonym of a couple: Alexandra and Alexander Abndorilj. If I like an author I tend to read everything written by him (or her) in a row, and I found that Lars Kepler is the one (or two). 
I  read Kepler's second novel, The Nightmare, and I was going through the description of a library, which belonged to one of the main characters, Penelope Fernandez. Among the books is Marx’s Das Kapital. And I nod to it: as it happens, my main character, Melor Krantz, also had Das Kapital in his library.
Well, I read further, now they mention Communist Manifesto, as a material for a play of a radical leftist group. I nod to that too, you know, where you haveKarl Marx, there likely will be his and Friedrich Engels seminal work. In my story the Manifesto plays a quite sinister role of its own. As for my character, Melor Krantz, well, he was a red diaper baby, just like the character of Penelope Fernandez is presented by Kepler. Now the similarity makes me a little nervous. Of course, different artists can use the same colors and, again, what red diaper babies would have in their libraries, after all? And then I am running into a description of a boxing match between detective Saga Bauer and a female boxer Svetlana Krantz. What? Now I think: Kepler's novel and my short story must be relatives, because, you see, Melor's mother name was Olga Krantz, who could be a relative of Svetlana Krantz, the boxeress, since both ladies bear close-fitting Russian first names. Weird but true! And yet, the narratives of both works are completely different. They even belong to two different genres: Lars wrote a psychological thriller with uncounted number of murders, while Bela's piece is much more modest: it got only one (although unorthodox) murder, and it stays within his own genre, which some critics call magical realism.

This term, magical realism, makes me wonder: isn't our reality magical anyway? Just like in this case: is it a coincidence? I didn't read Kepler ever before I finished my writing! And believe me, I enjoy inventing characters and their names, myself. And yet, to be completely honest, I don’t believe in coincidences. So here is my take on it and this is my sincere belief, that each of us, authors, is only a part of a writing team. There is a spiritual source, somewhere, in the higher planes, where everything is just one infinite book. And we all read from this Source. So Lars and Bela must happen to be taking their fill not too far from each other. And I can tell, if you miss Stieg Larsson and his Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, then now you have Lars Kepler, an excellent read.

Now let me to close this silly piece with a gem of my own creation:

“Writing is like making jewelry -jeweler doesn't make a diamond, he polishes and cuts it, but the gem is from God.” Bela Abel

I think this quote is relevant to what I had written above, although I really meant to say that this is the gem of my own cut, right?

Bela Abel.

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