I've developed a quite scientifically-looking theory on the subject of spontaneous human combustion (SHC), which I’ve put into the pretty head of Dr. Sabina Spitzyn, a scientist in residence from a strange house on Proudhon 38. One of my three novels in waiting for better times, and Proudhon 38 fits 100% into the fantasy genre. So, according to Dr. Spitzyn, spontaneous human combustion is ... not a combustion at all. This is just a misnomer.

Combustion in simple Words is burning, and it is pretty hard to burn a human body, needless to say, make it burn "by itself. Even the best crematoriums can’t do it, they can't burn major bones, and for example, so they grind them into a powder. To the contrary, when SHC happens, the remains (if any) often include intact body parts like a foot inside perfectly preserved shoe or a hand in a glove and a handful of ashes. Nothing like that will be possible after an actual burning, where leather shoes and the like would burn first. Even if there was a conventional fire detected in SHC, it was, most likely, an aftereffect, like burning grass after a strike of a lightning bolt. So Sabina's first conclusion was: SHC is not a thermal process. It is not combustion, it is not burning, and it is not oxidation. Then, what is it?

According to Dr. Spitzyn it is an effect similar to high-power laser ablation. When light is focused to intensities above one billion watts per Square centimeter any solid matter turns into high energy plasma and the plasma flies away at supersonic speeds, i.e. in simple words the matter disappears. This process is used in a wide range of applications from cutting of sheet metals to re-shaping human eye corneas (heard about Lasik?). In the latter case the removed tissue flies away without even heating the eye. Same is SHC. Except for instead of a laser beam the victim gets into a high-density field of negative Chi-energy. If there is positive Chi (a.k.a. Ki, prana), speculates Dr. Spitzyn, there must be negative life energy as well. Nature is anti-symmetrical by its design: it comes in pairs like matter-antimatter, positive charge - negative charge, base - acid. Or like live water and dead water.

This takes care of the “combustion”part, but what about spontaneity? The latter can be addressed by the question: where are these negative Chi-fields coming from? They can be coming from space, like high-energy cosmic rays, or, maybe as cosmic rays. If so, then in space must be their source, a Death-Star so to speak, which irradiates them. Cosmic events appear pretty random on our earthly scale, so here comes the spontaneity. At this time we can't do much about these rays, but trying not to get on their path. It would be great to learn how to detect such negative-Chi rays and protect ourselves from them, but I'm afraid right now we have to deal with many other, more urgent and more deadly problems.

Bela Abel.

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