Let's do a simple thing, a thing so simple that I wonder if anyone has done it before. I guess, it must have been done for sure, but I am not aware of it. But, anyway, ignorance is bliss, so let's list all key elements that are characteristic to ghosts and see if we can come up with a scientifically sound summary on their physics, derived from these characteristics.
1. Ghosts have a somewhat limited Visibility: people may not see them, but cameras do. And so do animals like dogs and cats. Ghosts also can be seen as 2D reflections in mirrors and in 3D in fog or smoke. 
2. In a dim light ghosts often appear as shadows.

3. Ghosts can manifest themselves also by direct physical contact (from a single touch to a poltergeist), acoustically (as a voice) and via EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon).

4. Temperatures in the vicinity of ghosts often go down, lighting fixtures and electric appliances can go haywire in ghosts’ presence.

5. Ghosts can easily walk through walls and doors.

6. Ghosts carry likeness of dead people, who often can be recognized, they never double for the living ones.

7. Ghosts sightings are relatively scarce compared to living things. One can live all his life and never encounter a ghost. Or should I say, never notice'?

8. There are animal ghosts too, they often hang around their living owners. Existence of ghosts of dead cats and dogs is a well-established fact.

9. Did I miss anything? Well, the ghosts are not merely 3D images, they carry conscience of living people, they can say meaningful things. They can interact with living often as much as living people do. They have personality, i.e. in other Words: ghosts have souls.

10. Sometimes ghosts interact with the living, but sometimes they appear unaware of present day observers. They may come in groups wearing old fashioned outfits. They also can appear with antiquated technical means, like a man riding a penny-farthing bicycle.

11. Anything else? Maybe, but if I’ve missed anything, I hope it will come up


Alright, that's the scope on ghosts. It is always helpful to have a list like this before your eyes, when you are trying to make a decent hypothesis.

Now, let’s set up constraints to our problem. I will try to play an external or, if you like, extraterrestrial observer, who merely derives his conclusions on observations and common facts. Alright? Let's do it.

Conclusion number one: the ghosts are disembodied humans. Or animals: there is a wealth of evidence on ghost dogs and cats, which tend to show up on family photographs hanging around the living.

Of course, this is a pretty trite conclusion, even language equates disembodied with ghostly. Yet, it won't hurt us to start with the basics. So, the conclusion is: if we take living man as a Sum: Human = Body + Soul + Spirit, then we can say that

Human = Body + Ghost or Ghost = Human - Body.

That's explains the old expression “let out his ghost”.

So, this conclusion is rather trivial, but it is good to have a well-established ground for further discussion, which will be continued here.

Bela Abel.

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