We have discussed optics and acoustics of ghostly manifestations (see Physics of ghosts 101: The introduction and Physics of ghosts 101: part I – Optics, part II and part III- Optics and acoustics), but what can I say about a ghost, which appears with smell of a rotten flesh? How did that one conjure molecules of ptomaine so the witness could actually smell it? I admit, I have no slightest ideal However, there are some possibilities.

In the previous entry (Part III) I have mentioned soul to soul communication, i.e. communication beyond our physical realm. Something similar might be happening here. It is a well-known fact that when a soul enters the otherworldly domain the sense of Smell remains present among all other senses and faculties of mind (like the memories of a last life). For example, the smells were experienced by Eben Alexander [1] when he had passed into the Paradise. And the similar experience is reported by Bob Williamson [2], who went temporarily to Hell. It is interesting to note, that both men felt the smell of rotting earth and feces [1, 2]. Eben Alexander Smelled feces while he was transferring into Heaven through the so-called “wormhole”. Alexander also experienced sounds, something that I can relate to as well, since I’ve been there too (see THE JEWS-HARP.) In this part of reality the vision comes without eyes, hearing comes without ears and smells come without nose.

So, if our souls retain olfactory faculty beyond the grave, then we can smell spirits just as well, as long as we have our souls within us (as most of us do). Yet, as I’ve said, I have no explanation of physics here, just two references that corroborate the witnesses from a sort of an opposite perspective and a small piece of my own experience. As far as the physics is concerned, I am going to revisit this fact a bit later, in a more general discussion of Spirits.

Yet, the spirits not only carry smells, they are also capable of physical action: they can touch, they can flick a light Switch, they can cut you with a razor blade, they can toss a VCR into your head. There are numerous witnesses of such interactions, which vary from a light breath to a total pandemonium and destruction of a poltergeist. How that can be possible?

To be continued


1. Eben Alexander, Proof of Heaven. A Neurosurgeon's Journey in the

Afterlife, Simon and Schuster, 2012.

2. Bob Williamson, A Miracle on Luckie Street: From Homeless Drug Addict to Multimillionaire - His Personal Turnaround, Williamson Publishing, Greenville, FL, 2011

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Ghosts also can do things. They can touch you, they can flick a light switch in your room, they can cut you with a razor blade, they can toss a VCR into your head. There are numerous witnesses of such interactions, from a light breeze to a murder by a poltergeist. How can that be possible?


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