PHYSICS OF GHOSTS 101: PART TWO - OPTICS  I was talking about colors of ghosts. I just went through the gallery of ghost photos in Janet Bord, The 100 Greatest Photographs of the Paranormal from The Fortean Picture Library, from the publishers of #Paranormal and I didn’t See any color picture where ghost would appear in its own color! They all look like semi-transparent monochromatic objects, while their colors are projected from the objects on background (leaves from the trees, church furniture, etc.). Yet, I do believe I’ve seen ghosts in color myself, at least twice. And there is a plenty of written witnesses of that kind. 
These, of course, would be the cases of most vivid apparitions, when ghosts sometimes even are mistaken for living people. Thus, aside from all "ladies in white” there are quite common apparitions “covered in blood'.

Of course, physics of ghosts doesn't end here. I thought that this would be enough for optics, but, as we know, ghosts also carry sounds. What kind of physics can be behind ghostly acoustics?

"Spirit? Well, maybe," he said. "But there's one thing not clear to me. There was an echo. Now, no man ever seen a sperrit with a shadow, well then, what's he doing with an echo to him, I should like to know? That ain't in nature, surely?"

Those are the words of Long John Silver, when his party heard the voice of Ben Gunn, who was trying to scare them, imitating the voice of Captain Flint. I do not see a better way to segue from optics to other physical properties of ghosts. Here, Long John Silver points at analogy between optical and acoustic manifestation, and indeed, despite the difference in physics, there are striking similarities here.

So, according to Long John Silver, ghosts should talk without echo, just as much as they cast no shadows. What does that really mean? There are numerous witnesses when ghosts talk (and even yell) and everyone at the scene hears them. (I had experienced that myself). Yet, there are cases when someone makes a video recording and hears nothing, but Voice appears later upon replay. What does all that mean?

First, I want to say that all that I am saying in these postings is a speculation, because I don’t have a lab to confirm my words. I rely on other people witnesses and in a few cases on my own. Hereby I am going to speculate a bit further. If we would assume that ghosts have no physical capacity to use Vocal cords, then they ought to have a capacity to bypass the physical audio reception channel: i.e. air compression/rarefaction waves, ear, eardrum, nerves, brain and talk to us on a Soul to soul level. (Please, don’t forget that each of us is still carrying his own ghost within.) Yet, in many cases we can’t hear them that way and the only way to register their talk is to record it as EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). That is: electronics register voices as if they were spoken to us, but we can hear them only upon a replay, reproduced by Speakers and with a certain degree of amplification.

So here comes another analogy with optics: often our eyes can’t see the ghosts but spectrally enhanced (comparing to our eyes) cameras and animals (Same) do. Same in a way happens to audio manifestations. The ghost Voices can be simply beyond our audio detection limit. Only good audio recorder (with strong amplification) can catch it. Or it can be an animal with much better developed hearing, such as cat or dog. In any case, the ghost audio remains acoustic in nature, we just can’t hear it because as a rule it is not loud enough. And yet, in many cases it is

And if this is so, answering Long John Silver’s question, we can say that ghosts can produce echo, it is just is not a too common thing. 

So, is that it? No, it is not, because, there are also numerous witnesses saying that ghosts also carry Smells (from roses to decomposing flesh). What can physics tell us about that?

To be continued

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We have discussed optics and acoustics of ghostly manifestations, but what can I say about a ghost, which appears with smell of a rotten flesh? How did that one conjure molecules of ptomaine so the witness could actually smell it? I admit, I have no slightest ideal However, there are some possibilities.


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