The previous post PHYSICS OF GHOSTS 101: PART ONE - OPTICS was concluded with the notion that in terms of optics ghosts likely act as gray (black) bodies, which explains their appearance / disappearance acts, depending on their thermal energy and major spectral characteristics lying likely in near IR area of a spectrum. The latter needs some extra comment.

I will start with a simple fact: the ghosts are gray bodies (in optical terms, not in the terms of appearance). This looks like a plausible explanation to many witnesses, but in that Sense ghosts are similar to us, living humans. 
From a standpoint of physics human bodies are grey bodies too. We carry thermal signatures, which correspond to our temperatures. These temperatures stay in a range of 35.5 - 36.8°C in a healthy living body, rise up to five more degrees Celsius in a body suffering from an illness, and assume whatever temperature is in the environment in a dead body. Yet, we continue to reflect light (and hence be seen) even when we are dead, even if our bodies are frozen to zero Kelvin (i.e. absolute zero in a temperature scale – a state devoid of any thermal energy). That is, we are not just grey bodies, we possess our individual spectral signatures, i.e. colors in a common sense. Would the same be true regarding the ghosts? The answer is yes, although witnesses corroborating this point are rather rare.

In majority of witnesses ghosts appear in a colorless or monochromatic (ghostly gray or green or even black) variety. The latter happens quite often due to the nature of manifestation. If, for example, the image of a ghost is revealed over the condensation of water vapor or via Smoke of incense, then so will be the color of the ghost - it will be the color of vapor or smoke. If ghosts appear in dusk and manifest themselves via absorption of light, then they appear to us like mere semitransparent colorless shadows. However, if ghosts would be always mere shadows, this would solve the issue completely, but there is a Substantial number of witnesses (my own included) with ghosts possessing colors pretty much similar to ours. That is, in those cases ghosts carry colors, and hence have individual spectral characteristics aside from continuous black body spectrum.

The ghosts, while they are also grey bodies as ourselves still are different from us in their thermal nature. I think that it will be safe to assume that they normally stay invisible to us and they ought to absorb more thermal energy from the environment (say, air in the room) to become visible. Do they can control that absorption process, or it happens just naturally? That I don't know: I ought to become a ghost myself to answer that question. Yet, have anyone reported a witness like:

I said to him. "Show yourself” and the ghost of Sir Trelawney had materialized before my eyes.

I’ve never heard of anything like it. This would be a pretty common case with the spirits of air (i.e. demons) who can do shape shifting at will, but not with the ghosts. It looks like the ghost appearance depends mostly on the “weather” than on their will.

In other words: the manifestations happen most of the time accidentally.

 And, if the manifestation is merely an accident of environment, then the ghosts in a way are similar to us: i.e. when it is raining we tend to get Wet.

Yet, there are witnesses (and numerous) where ghosts interact with us and it looks like those are totally intentional and controlled interactions. How that comes about?

To be continued

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