We have discussed optic, acoustic and, to some extent olfactory manifestations of ghosts, but, as we all know, ghosts also can do things. They can touch you, they can flick a light switch in your room, they can cut you with a razor blade, they can toss a VCR into your head. There are numerous witnesses of such interactions, from a light breeze to a murder by a poltergeist. How can that be possible?We started with the notion that upon their manifestations ghosts absorb energy. I daresay that this absorption of energy can be substantial for a quite brutal demonstration of force, when air gets down more than just a few digits of centigrade and this might be just a side effect. Ghosts also are capable to absorb electrical energy

 Ghosts also are capable to absorb electrical energy, so the light bulbs stat to flicker, electricity goes haywire and sometimes even more drastic things happen, like high-power transformers explode. We are not talking of meager Watts of power here, it can be kilowatts

Now, let's recall that the energy is equivalent to mass:  E = mc^2.

In this famous Einstein formula, energy (E) is equal to mass (m) with a constant factor, a number
 (c^2-speed of light square^2). Whenever is energy, there is mass. And if there is mass and energy, then expect to experience a momentum: mV, where V is velocity vector.

In other words, if there is an entity which is capable to take energy from air or from your electric power line, this entity can be possessing mass and momentum. It can produce a light breeze when it passes you by, it can take a sit on the edge of your bed (and you’ll feel its weight), it can lift into the air your night stand and drop it on your head. Isn't it a trip to be in a presence of an entity which is capable of all the above and is not constrained by law or moral code? Or, let's say, might not be constrained by moral code – many spirits appear to be quite benign. And yet, it will be safe to assume that not all of them are harmless.

So, in this little entry we have discussed a chain of physical quantities:

From PRESENCE and energy -> mass -> momentum -> To ACTION

Yet, the question HOW all this works yet remains to be seen.

To be continued

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