We have discussed introduction, optics and acoustics of ghostly manifestations, smells and touch/punch. Here are a few subjects which I haven't touched yet about ghosts.

Sometimes ghosts interact with the living, but sometimes they appear unaware of present day observers. They may come in groups wearing old-fashioned outfits. They also can appear with antiquated technical means, like a man riding a penny-farthing bicycle.

Extreme case one: someone gets a witness of a large event (baseball match) in a place where the stadium used to be seventy years ago. The crowds of oddly dressed people are cheering from the bleachers; they do not pay any attention to the intruders from the future: who cares when it’s a perfect home run!?

Extreme case two: someone gets infatuated with a house ghost that starts to serve him (her) plate at the dinner table and waits with the meals for his (her) arrival.

Both cases are taken from real life. Both somewhat different, but only on the scale: since both allow two-way interaction. The question is:

Do we ourselves appear to the ghosts as ghosts?

I think it will be a good assumption.

A friend of mine was sleeping in his bedroom alone with a 38 Special under his pillow. He had his reasons for keeping the gun close: he was alone, but someone had appeared in the house last night, he heard creaking of the floor boards, opening of the doors. This night everything seemed to be quiet, so he covered his head with a blanket ready to sleep. And that was when someone had touched his shoulder. He pulled out the gun, but what he saw was only a ghost of a man standing by the side of his bed, just a bluish haze dressed in a strange military uniform. Being spotted, the man crouched beside my friends bed and put a finger to his lips “shhh'. The house was located nearby a place of a historical Civil war battle in Tennessee.

It looked like the ghost was probing my friend, checking out if he is real, and when he found it so, he just asked him to keep quiet. The house was located a few yards away from a bloody skirmish where a battalion of Union soldiers lost their lives.

So, it might be going both ways: us and them, and yet, there is a difference. The ghosts appear for us always as figures from the past.

Always figures from the past, ghosts walk in the air and through the walls. The latter is easy to explain: in their reality the sidewalk was higher, or maybe there was a balcony or bridge, while the wall which lady in white just had walked through wasn't there in the time when she did that walk. Many witnesses corroborate such effects. But how, from a sense of modern science, is it possible for us to see them and for them to see us?

To be continued

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