If you are following all my posts, then you’ve probably seen my previous one, where I’ve decided to leave for a moment the subject of ghosts and to praise the great books of Harry Potter (see HARRY POTTER – FOREVER!).  Now I am back on the subject, which I would like to start with a quote from this marvelous book.  This is a dialogue between Harry Potter and Nearly Headless Nick, the ghost of House of Griffindor, and it is right on the subject:

This is a dialogue between Harry Potter and Nearly Headless Nick, the ghost of House of Griffindor, and it is right on the subject:

“It’s – “ said Harry, who was finding this more awkward than he had anticipated, “its’ just – you’re dead.  But you’re still here, aren’t you?”

Nick sighed and continued to gaze out at the grounds.

“That’s right, isn’t it?” Harry urged him.  “You died, but I am talking to you…  You can walk around Hogwarts and everything, can’t you?”

“Yes,” said Nearly Headless Nick quietly, “I walk and I talk, yes.”

“So, you came back, didn’t you?” said Harry urgently.  “People can come back, right?  As ghosts.  They don’t have to disappear completely?  Well?” he added impatiently, when Nick continued to say nothing.

Nearly Headless Nick hesitated, then said, “Not everyone can come back as a ghost.”

“I was afraid of death,” said Nick.  “I choose to remain behind.  I sometimes wonder whether I oughtn’t to have…  Well, that is neither here nor there…”  He gave a small sad chuckle.  “I know nothing of the secrets of death, Harry, for I choose my feeble imitation of life instead.”

This brief dialogue summarizes somewhat general belief about ghosts that those are the souls which choose not to cross the threshold of death and to exist in a disembodied state to the time of the Second coming.  End this pretty general belief suits well many witnesses when ghosts act as a present entities and even interact with the living. 

Yet, for the same time there is a great number of witnesses where ghosts appear as sort of echoes, reproducing massive events (like baseball games or great battles) and appear seemingly oblivious to the modern observer.  Is there any way to unite these two types of witnesses: individual and interactive and oftentimes massive and non-interactive under common phenomena?  I think so.  But, before that, let me to remind you a little open question, which I’ve raised a way back, in PHYSICS OF GHOSTS 101: PART ONE – OPTICS:

Question: If all that is so (black body, near IR) how come we can see sometimes ghosts reflected in mirrors, while we cannot see them directly?

I’ve called this question CATOPTRIC PARADOX.

Here is my take on it: this effect has nothing to do with on ordinary imaging, because in this case there will be no way to see object in a mirror and not to see it at the same time in the room, together with all other objects in it.  This effect, if true, must show that ghosts are projections into the real world and mirror in this case serves as a screen for projection.

I am going to leave this answer right there and give you a chance to think about.  I will give some more deliberations in the next post.

To be continued

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It is a well-established fact that sometimes a ghost can appear in a mirror, while it cannot be observed directly.  Essentially, the observer has to look into a mirror with his back to the room and see ghost in a room, while direct look into the room reveals nothing in it. 


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