So, in the last post (see PHYSICS OF GHOSTS 101: PART SIX B: WHAT IS IT, AFTER ALL?  CATOPTRIC PARADOX  -  I.) I gave you my explanation to what I call Catoptric Paradox. 

It is a well-established fact that sometimes a ghost can appear in a mirror, while it cannot be observed directly.  Essentially, the observer has to look into a mirror with his back to the room and see ghost in a room, while direct look into the room reveals nothing in it.  From the standpoint of simple optics this effect appears utterly impossible: all light in the room, all objects ought to be reflected in the mirror and hence they ought to be seen just as well as directly.
As I’ve pointed earlier this effect has nothing to do with on ordinary imaging, because in this case there will be impossible to see object in a mirror and not to see it at the same time in the room, together with all other objects in it.  This effect, if true, must show that ghosts are projections into the real world and mirror in this case serves as a screen for such projection.

Yes, Catoptric Paradox is one of those minor, easy to overlook effects, which at close examination reveal the nature of the whole thing.  Like pondering about a fallen apple and deriving the Law of Universal Gravitation.  Mind that word “projection” in this case is used mere in absence of better terms.  Yet, it is as good as description of thermodynamics using a false concept of a heat fluid or electricity using the obsolete concept of electric juice.  It works, though.  Imagine, that ghost is a projection and it needs a screen to be seen.  Just like in old day cinema one needs a big square of white cloth or at least a smooth white wall to project the image, which no one would be able to see otherwise.  That’s the role of a mirror in Catoptric Paradox.

And if ghosts are projections indeed, then let’s take a note that every projection is one digit reduction in dimensionality.  Let’s take the same example of an old cinema.  Our 3D reality is projected on a 2D light-sensitive media of a celluloid film, which is later amplified and reproduced on a wide 2D screen using movie projector.  The modern cinematography follows the same dimensional transfer, although digitizing allowed not only better ways of handling the images, but also alter them.  So here we go again, coming back to already many times discussed subject of the projective nature of our reality, an old philosophical concept, opened in Plato’s Republic.  The reality which we take as a reality is mere shadows projected on the wall of our cave.  So we came back to Plato and, ultimately, to Socrates.  It is all the same and yes, indeed, I’ve talked about it already in all my posts set under the topic “World of Illusion”, see, for example: COGNITIVE ECHO, MANDELA EFFECT, TORAH CODE or THE WORLD, THE FLESH AND PETRUSHKA and more.

Ghosts are mere another case of such projections, but yet, they are a quite remarkable one.

To be continued

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