While I was writing my little entries on physics of ghosts, some peculiar ghost decided to visit me.  Yet, I am still in doubt: was it really a hairy eidolon or just my imagination?

The first time it come up to my view was about six months ago.  I had no idea how it had gotten there – under the glass, right across the face of the dial was a light bristle, like those which grow on my wrists.  I admit, I have a plenty of those bristles outside the watch, but this one got inside.  How this could happen?  I had no idea.  The only thing that I could guess was that it was already there, when I had acquired this second hand timepiece.  I just didn’t notice its presence for about a year and a half
So, anyway, I am calling one of our handymen who specialize on watches and I ask him to clean it.  It is a small job; it will cost me only a can of coke.  And so he does.  My watch is clean again – there is nothing there, hands are running freely across the face, counting my time without any obstruction or distraction.  The man gets his coke.

Two weeks later the bristle is back.  I am a bit surprised to see it, for the handyman told me that he had removed it.  But, I don’t have time to worry about small things.  This time I am paying him twice: a soda can and a honeybun.  And when he brings me the watch back he tells me that he removed not one but two hairs.  Yet, the deal is the deal and my watch is clean again, so I can look at the unobscured face of Kronos day and night.  A month later – what’s the …!  Yes, it is back, the bristle, like a derisive, lipless smile across the face of my watch.

I am telling about it to the handyman, but I am not hiring him again.  Most likely he is innocent (who isn’t?) but I have doubts:

Doubt number one – I don’t think that he was messing with me.  I know that the feller had opened my watch – he scrapped the glass in the process.  Why wouldn’t he remove the hair?  Why would he lie to me?  And again, I didn’t see the hair for a while, so if he wanted to mess with me, how would he hide it there?  I doubt it.

Doubt number two – alright, let’s say that the foul play of the watchman is ruled out.  This piece was a cheap second hand, it cost me nearly nothing – I really paid for the battery.  Can there be a large number of bristles, say four, seven or twelve wrapped around the shaft and unraveling one at a time (no pun intended)?  I think it is an insane idea by itself, and I worry that it came out of my head.  No, I am brushing this off, it is a total nonsense!

But, if this is not a foul play and not a hairy shaft then what is it?  This wristwatch is watertight, meaning that it is also hairtight, right?  What it could be then?

Hair tunneling on quantum level?  Spontaneous hair manifestation?  Mandela effect?  Or just a plain ghost hair?  I don’t know, but as I am typing these words, the damn bristle had disappeared again!

So, I’ve got my own haunted watch.  Of course, this is not a lady in white standing at the head of your bed, just a bristle under the glass.   Maybe it is even not worth to be mentioned?  It is only a minor part of our daily minutiae, and yet, I am intrigued and excited.  After all, small can be big – think about Higgs boson!  And, coming back to the recent discussion, if this all is merely a projection, can someone from projectionist booth being messing with me.  Questions, questions.

Maybe I just need a new watch?

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