I thought that I will finish my Book 4 and will be done with Bayboro Chronicles.  Now I have five books.  I thought I’ll grow large leathery wings and fly away.  But my shoulder blades remain smooth like a baby face.  So I keep walking.  I thought that I am finishing my discussion of #physics of #ghosts.  I hope I do, I ought to change the subject to something new.

Our unorthodox discussion of physics of ghosts was finished with something that I call Catoptric Paradox (see PHYSICS OF GHOSTS 101: PART SIX and two preceding posts).  So, is it all just a projection? 
  I’d say YES, it is!  And it is not only old idea of Plato/Socrates.  The idea of reality as mere holographic-like projection was reinstated with the newest advances of physics, in particular by works of John Wheeler (Nobel Prize winner who coined the term ‘black hole’) and his school [1].  I am not going to recite here the book Dr. Brian Greene, it’s a good read which I recommend you to undertake on your own (the book is about modern days cosmology).  Besides, my subject here is much more modest and limited to ghosts.  So, Catoptric Paradox it is!  If you have an experimentalist’s streak in you, you can do this:
Take a laser pointer (any color) and a piece of white paper.  For the latter you can use a business card of sales rep from Ashley furniture store, or any other business card which you’ve deemed completely useless, but missed to chuck it out.  Now, stand next to the oldest and thickest wall mirror you have in your household.  Direct the laser pointed at the mirror at 45o in a horizontal plane.  (This is the safest way to avoid catching the reflection with your retina, which you don’t want to detach.)  Catch the reflected beam with Ashley furniture card or any other handy business card of your choice.  What do you see?

Well, if you did it right, you will see a bright round spot reflected from your pointer.  Yet, next to it you will see a weaker spot.  It will have the color of your pointer beam, but it will look semi-transparent.  It could be even barely noticeable, so you better dim the lights in the room.  Sounds familiar?  Yes, it is your “ghost image”.  A reflection which comes not from the metal film deposited at the back of the glass, but from its front surface.  If your pointer is strong enough, you may observe more than one ghost image.

This experiment pretty much models the bigger picture.  The ghosts are the defect images in our projection of reality, just as much as those secondary or tertiary spots projected on business card.  Ghosts come as “unintended” reflections from extra surfaces, screens, whatever it may be to project our reality on our minds.  And, since we are talking about higher order projections here, these defects may or may not interact with our reality.  (In our little experiment, you can make the ghost image overlap with your primary reflection too.) 

By saying that, I am stipulating my sincere belief that ghosts are as much real, as everything else which we call “reality”.  Or, if you prefer, you may say that our reality is as much unreal as the ghosts which we see sometimes in the dark rooms and cemeteries and wherever else.  And whichever take on ghosts you have – their presence is as much objective, as this screen on which you are reading this text.  Objective, so like it or not, but you can’t change it.  Ghosts are here, they were and they always will be.

[1] For a popularized discussion of reality as projection see Chapter 9 of Brian Greene, The Hidden Reality.  Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos, Vintage Books, 2011.

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I was writing my little entries on #physics of #ghosts, some peculiar ghost decided to visit me. Was it really a hairy eidolon or just my #imagination? 


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