This little piece is about invention of new words and the causes that bring them to the light...
I think that many new words are invented out of a pure ignorance of writers.  This is, of course, a generalization, so maybe it will be fair to put it this way: when I am writing I am ignorant to the point of invention of new words.  How about that?  I think it is a fair way to say.
I’ll give you an example.  In the process of writing The Leap of Faith I came up with a great word, the word I can relate to, and if you’ve read my books then you know what I mean.  And the word is encagement. 
Can you believe that until Bela Abel took his pen and started writing his stories, this word didn’t existed?  I still can’t believe it, but here is the fact – my American Heritage Dictionary vehemently denies it and my word processor spell checker underlines it as an error.  I still cannot get it, how come it is not there?  Look at these parenting verbs:

Enact begot Enactment; Encamp begot Encampment; Encase begot Encasement; Enchant begot Enchantment; Enclose begot Enclosure, no family without a creep, you know; yet Encompass begot Encompassment and (that’s a close one) Engage begot Engagement.  And so we have engagement without encagement!  There is no Encagement, as a condition of being encaged.  And why not?  Encagement concerns not only canaries and hamsters.  Every one out of nine my fellow citizens experiences this condition during his or her life; 2.2 million are doing it as I am writing this line [1].  Plus, how much more can use this word in a metaphoric sense.  It is a rich word, just think of that:

Encagement.  The rules of encagement.  Dreams of encagement.  The premonition of encagement.  Age of encagement.  Love your encagement and strive to make it better for yourself and others.  So instead of holding to your bars and drooling with gloom, or walking back and forth from wall to wall in two small steps, smile and look forward to the better future.  Blessed are those who were encaged for they’ll find freedom!

I keep browsing the dictionary.  Even Enchain begot Enchainment, but enchainment is not good enough, it even can’t be claimed its right for being synonymous to Encagement.  Let’s update our dictionaries:

Encagement  n  1.  The act of encaging.  2. The state of being encaged.  “Obvious rule of encagement: if meal A was good, expect dreck for meal B.” (Bela Abel) 3.  Something that confines your feelings, mind or body. 

Literature, Art, Music, Culture and Nature

[1] I hear these crazy figures over and over again, here are several references if you want to look further: id, January 2016, 51st State; also: St. Anthony Messenger, Vol. 123, #2 (July) 2015, the latter refers to Census Bureau, according to which in 2009 7.2 million (3.1% of population) of my fellow Americans lived under correctional supervision.

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