I have a scary observation to report.  It’s in the #nature. Southern summers were always abundant on insects, even overabundant.  Not now–the world seems like become devoid of our little buzzing buddies (and foes).  What had happened to them? 
 April is a summer month.  I am looking around and asking myself: where are they?  Where are our ubiquitous mosquitoes, including this funny tiger bunch, where are ladybugs, where are yellow jackets, where are orange wasps and where are my favorite praying mantises, where they all had gone?  I am looking around and I see none, NONE! 
I see our bumblebees, they had emerged from their nest inside the wooden slabs of TV shack and now fly busily around.  And even the bumblebees look decimated.  And where are butterflies, fireflies and just flies?  We have so little flies in the dorm, that I even miss them!  (Sometimes I like to annoy flies.  Have you ever tried to annoy a fly?  It is fun!  Just let it lend next to you and wave it away.  When it lends again - wave it off, and so on.  Count the number of cycles and see who have gotten more pertinacity.)

Our spiders are gone too.  I used to observe a large brown recluses living next to my rack.  I am impartial to the spiders, as you can discern from Pink Black Widow.  Where are the spiders?  The insects are gone and I don’t think that this is normal.  Is it?  It feels subtle and yet quite apocalyptic!  We used to swarms of ants and earwigs and you name it – and now – nothing.  Do you know what this means?  I am not sure, but this invokes another question – who is going to pollinate plants?  What spiders, birds and bats will eat?  Spiders are already gone, are the birds and bats disappearing next?  And then, if that is so – is our turn coming too?

I guess – and I hope that I am right, it is just a lot of insecticides was poured recently in our place.  It could be that some kind of a mother of all bombs for insects was dropped.   If so, nothing terrible, just another man-made zone devoid of life, we all ought to get used to it.  And still, it is so dreeeeadful! 

What is happening here?

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