While I was working on my latest novel, The Leap of Faith”, I came to a notion, that appeared trite and mind-boggling at the same time. Maybe I've just never looked into it that way, I don't know, but the more I am thinking about it, the more amazing it appears. I'd like to share it with you.

Each of us, living man or woman, are the living tips of incredibly long lines of lives, going all the way down to the dawn of humanity. And if we could follow these lines back in time, we would arrive at the source, where all these lines converge. What is that source? Or who was it? Was it a single pair of progenitors, or a cluster of several different but capable of interbreeding species? The answer remains a matter of faith, religious or scientific, whichever you take.

According to the first faith, it all started from Adam and Eve some six thousand years ago. And if that is so, then next came the Fall, which was our beginning, so the lines began emerging and branching out. Yes, despite its negative connotation, if not the Fall, neither I would be typing these lines, nor you will be reading them. We all came out of the Original Sin. And then, after the Fall, came the Redemption. But this is not what I am writing here about.

On the other side, according to anthropology and genetics, there were at least four distinct and yet intermingling types of humans: Cro-Magnons (that's us, mostly), Neanderthals (extant only in TV commercials, otherwise extinct), Homo Floresians (Lilliputians found on Indonesian Island Flores, the only kind named not after a cave. I suspect they’re a hoax). And, finally, Denisovans - called after Denisova Cave in Altay Mountains, Southern Siberia, – only tiny bone fragment of a pinky and two molars were found [1]. All four (or three) types had a common progenitor who lived a half million years ago. And, as far as the science is concerned, we all are their mutts. Eurasians and Native Americans have about 2.5% trace of Neanderthal DNA. Australian aborigines carry about 5% of Denisovan DNA. And so on [1]. Those are incredible, worth noting facts, but this is not what I wanted to say here.

No matter which one of two faiths (religious or scientific) had gotten the right source, these long lines of lives are trailing behind us and this is what I find mind boggling:

1. Continuity of lines. Everyone in the line was kind enough to leave an offspring - otherwise the line would be severed and there will be no YOU.

2. Co-termination of lines. Nobody had evolved or was created later, say, climbed down from a tree in 6th Century BC, the origin comes from one and the same time. In other words, all lines start together.

3. Convergence of lines. No matter how many forks and branches had been formed over the past millennia, the geography of the inhabited lands is not big enough comparing to human ability to travel on land or across the water, and then - intermingle, likely more than once. Therefore, everyone IS everyone’s blood relative, as the lines converge back on that couple or cluster of our common progenitors.

4. Unity. Finally, if all the above is true, then it won't be hard to conclude that we all are one living organism, which lives beyond one physical body. Like a mushroom mycelium which exists and extends far beyond a single mushroom body, we live through time and space connected to each other through our genes (body), thoughts and memories (soul) and karmas (principal linking spirits). Each of us is a part of one and the same living being and while the lifetime of each of us (me or you) is just a wink for that one common being, still each Wink has a meaning.

As we can look at a mushroom and understand that mushroom is more than one little umbrella-like body, but an underground living network which produces hundreds or more of such bodies. So He looks at us and sees one organism comprising the whole mass of humanity. Therefore He gave us the Second Great Commandment:

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” [2]

For from His point this neighbor and you is yourself, the same being.

[1] Jamie Shreeve, The Case of the Missing Ancestor, National Geographic, July 2013,90.

[2] Matthew 22:39.

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