I had a little thought which turned into a big #meditation. I would like to share it with you. It is just an idea, an #idea as old as this world, I would be a total fool if I’ll claim of being original here. It is a dreadful idea, but I'll try to get some good vibes out of it, see if it will works for you as it worked for me. Here is:
Appearance and reality are two different twins which anyone can distinguish. Is that so? Let's see:
Sun appears as one going around the earth and not vice versa. That’s appearance vs. reality of motion. You can add more similar examples if you wish.

The light of the stars had left those stars hundreds of millions of years ago. These stars may no longer even exist. And, we didn't exist when this light was emitted. That’s appearance vs. reality of existence.

And how about colors, as we see them: blue or red sky, elaborate patterns on wings of butterflies, thousands of blue to green and back to total black hues of the ocean, dark violets blooming in shadows and even these incredible dark violet eyes of my love - every color in this world is merely a play of reflection, absorption and even more subtle interference of light - nothing in this colored world is permanent or fixed. Take the incident light away and beautiful wings of a butterfly appear as nothing but a layered cake of colorless scales. Change the frequency of incoming light, or just put a color filter on its way and see what will happen. Colors are the illusion.

The appearance comes through our vision, but if such fundamental sense, as vision, is duped, what should we expect from even more subjective senses of taste, touch, smell, and sound? And if our senses are so dependent upon illusions what should we expect from our feelings, which are built upon these senses? Haven’t you felt hot in some place and asked yourself - what is it? Is this place so hot or I just have a fever? (You can add here more examples from your own experience.)

And when our senses and feelings are so much flawed and based on a fickle, vacillating nature of our environment or Worse, on illusions, what should we expect from our basic sense of time: Some time we feel it galloping like a wild horse other time it is crawling like a slimy slug, yet it is the same illusive time, which even now is not understood. And while we learned how to time, we will never tame it. Time passes by, deceiving us with yet another illusion we’ll have enough time. There is never enough time, at least for everything that makes us content with our lives.

And space? What is space without time? We measure space with time, and hence, see above. And finally:
Sometimes, or rather, often, it looks like there is no God. If success comes, we go “I did it!” If tragedy strikes, we go “How he allowed this to happen?” It is always you, them, or even it. Yet, this is just another illusion. And it is bad, for out of all our mistakes and errors, this one will be the most costly. Instead, perhaps it will be prudent to take God on faith and live with that faith until you’ll find it is true through and through. One day we all will face the reality while all illusions will be left behind.

World of Illusion, Christian Faith, and Prayers

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